Artisan stirring 107’s aged vinegar in traditional pot by hand

A unique and potent core ingredient

107 is a carefully crafted line of skincare products using cutting-edge skincare science to modernize centuries-old beauty secrets, centered around a special core ingredient: aged vinegar. It’s not just any vinegar. Our vinegar is handcrafted in Korea based on secret recipes and proprietary methods passed down over 36 generations of dedicated artisans. It is derived from traditional Asian medicine remedies and is fermented and aged for up to 30 years. Our vinegar is a nutrient-rich superfood for your skin.


Inspired by the past, committed to the future

Heritage and innovation are the heart and soul of 107. We owe our spirit to countless generations of artisans who dedicated their lives to helping others through their craft. We strive to honor them by working toward a future they’d be proud of. We’re committed to innovating upon our centuries-old secrets to develop gentle yet effective products that serve today’s skincare needs. Like the artisans who make our vinegar, we’re driven by one guiding principle: to help improve the holistic wellness of others.

107 skincare collection including DEWY GLOW Serum Mist, MICRO DRIZZLE Hydro Toner, EVERYDAY PLUMP Hydro Cream, AVOCADO CUDDLE Sheet Mask, SQUALANE CUDDLE Sheet Mask and CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser

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