We combine our proprietary vinegars and postbiotics with various other fermented extracts, probiotic ferments and prebiotic ingredients into complexes that can further promote balanced skin microbiomes. VinBiome™ is our most advanced complex that leverages our research and clinical studies and uses our most effective proprietary ingredients. We concentrate on improving the targeted efficacy of our proprietary ingredients by integrating safe, proven, and synergistic ingredients from all over the world. We aim to produce balanced, elegant formulations that focus on overall efficacy while minimizing sensitivity risk and maximizing sensorial experience. And we do not limit ourselves to our own lab; we work with best external chemists, dermatologists, aestheticians, and specialists we can find.


We are constantly learning new things about our aged vinegars and their ability to improve the efficacy of other powerful ingredients through fermentation. By continuously discovering new fermentation techniques and new fermented ingredients and postbiotics, we are committed to making sure that our formulations never remain static. Named after the number of secrets developed over hundreds of years at Hanega, 107 was born from Hanega’s heritage and is driven by the same singular purpose: to help improve the holistic wellness of others.