Soseo: The Day of Little Heat and Newest Flame at 107

When the breeze feels warm, humidity is at its peak, and carrying an umbrella is essential, many people in Korea know that the beginning of the scorching summer has arrived. The day that marks the start of the sweltering heat of summer is called Soseo (pronounced 'so-suh'). It is the 11th of the 24 solar terms that starts on 7/7. As farmers weed, sow, and harvest early crops, the Hanega vinegar artisans are up early to prepare the day for vinegar fermentation. This is where we drew our inspiration for our newest skin care line, soseo.

107 soseo VINBIOME Vitamin C Serum

soseo's First Product

soseo will feature high-efficacy products, elegantly formulated to help maximize the results of a streamlined skincare ritual. Our first product in this line, VINBIOME Vitamin C Serum contains our most advanced skincare complex, VinBiome™, and 15% 3-O-ethyl-l-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) that has high stability and is less irritating than other types of vitamin C. This complex is an infusion of our proprietary vinegar fermented wheat and ginseng extract exquisitely blended with premium 10-year aged black vinegar, probiotics, and prebiotics that help to reveal more radiant and youthful skin, day after day. Our vitamin C serum is potent with minimal irritation, designed for all skin types.

Difference Between Essentials and soseo Lines

While our Essentials line contains 7-year aged vinegar, our current and future soseo products will be formulated with Vin-B10, a proprietary ingredient processed from Hanega’s 10-year premium black vinegar. This long fermentation and aging process yields beneficial micro-nutrients and postbiotics such as various amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds. VIN-B10 has a high content of natural amino acids that strengthen the skin barrier with its natural moisturizing factor properties. It is also the source and building block for healthy skin function.

107 soseo VINBIOME Vitamin C Serum

What Is The VinBiome™ Complex

Vin-B10 is included in our proprietary trademarked VinBiome™ Complex. VinBiomeTM is our proprietary microbiome complex that harmoniously combines prebiotics, probiotics, and various postbiotics and contains over 45 micro-nutrients including vitamins, ginsenosides, polyphenols, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and organic acids. Wheat VINB10-Biotic and Ginseng VINB10-Biotic firms, provide anti-inflammatory benefits and are full of antioxidants. The Probiotic Complex maintains hydration and strengthens the skin barrier. The Prebiotic Complex helps to balance the skin microbiome. VinBiomeTM Complex can help your skin look brighter and more hydrated.

Texture of 107 soseo VINBIOME Vitamin C Serum

How To Apply The Serum

To transform your skin day by day, all you need is to apply two to three drops of our serum over clean skin. It’s all you need to strengthen and firm your skin barrier and minimize inflammation. The light texture envelops your skin and is absorbed quickly without tugging or stickiness. You can now shop for our revolutionary VINBIOME Vitamin C Serum today!