Our approach to skincare is guided by Chloe Kwak (our Co-Founder and CEO). Having suffered through eczema and hyper-sensitive skin for all her life, Chloe had to often deal with soul-crushing skin problems that affected her mood and self-esteem. She desperately tried various suggestions: becoming a certified aesthetician, taking medication, trying out various products and even making all-natural home remedies.


After many years of unsuccessful skin hacking, she finally discovered a long-term approach that worked. During a particularly terrible bout of eczema, Chloe met and befriended Seyong Shin (our Co-Founder). For many years, Seyong’s family business (Hanega) had been handcrafting proprietary fermented ingredients, namely aged vinegar, for use in traditional Asian medicine remedies. Seyong gave Chloe a regimen using his family’s aged vinegar to detox her body and skin, inside and out. Made by Seyong’s mother, a pharmacist trained in Western and traditional Asian medicine, the regimen not only cleared Chloe’s eczema, it became the foundation of her skincare philosophy.


Chloe became enamored with Hanega’s aged vinegar and the art of fermentation, which requires a perfect balance of time and dedication. Hanega’s fermentation magic not only worked wonders for both her gut and her skin, it also embodied an approach to skin wellness she had not considered before. She was deeply inspired by Seyong’s mother and the artisans who worked at Hanega, who all looked decades younger than their true age. Their philosophy was based on a core belief – that wellness requires a holistic and balanced approach for enduring results. At 107, our product development strictly adheres to this philosophy.