Firstly, we believe in maintaining a holistic perspective on beauty. To us, skin beauty starts with skin wellness, and we believe you cannot have lasting outer wellness without maintaining appropriate inner wellness. What you eat can be as impactful to your skin as what you put on it, and we believe your skin will look how your body feels.


We use proprietary fermented ingredients, including natural extracts and aged vinegars, in all our products. Used in Asian cultures since ancient times, fermented ingredients have been scientifically proven to provide benefits for both your gut and your skin. Our skincare formulations combine proprietary fermented ingredients with various other fermented extracts, probiotic ferments, and prebiotic ingredients to help promote a balanced skin microbiome. Like your gut, we believe your skin is happier when its microbiome is healthier.


We are passionate about how we formulate, and we are proud that our standards and approach have produced award-winning products. For our formulations to pass muster, they must be balanced; they must use safe, clinically-proven ingredients in concentrations and combinations that maximize ingredient efficacy, minimize irritation risk and optimize sensorial experience. We strive to develop elegant and harmonious skincare formulations that not only balance what your skin needs, but also what your skin wants.