Fermented Ingredients Are Good For Your Skin

107 secrets fermented ingredients are good for your skin

Fermentation can be largely misunderstood when it comes to skincare products. Although many people associate fermentation with consumables such as wine and yeast found in bread, using fermented ingredients in skincare products can be largely beneficial as well. This is due to several changes that occur to chemical compounds during the process. In this article, we share with you exactly why fermented ingredients are good for your skin.

Understanding Fermentation

To understand the benefits that fermented ingredients can bring, we first have to understand the process of fermentation. Fermentation alters the makeup of natural compounds by breaking them down. The most common example is yeast, which is used in making bread. In fact, many fermented ingredients are already used in skincare products, such as lactic acid, which comes from fermented milk. Through the process of fermenting plant-based ingredients and whole foods, many different postbiotics that are rich in skin-friendly vitamins and acids are produced.

107 secrets fermented ingredients are good for your skin

Benefits of Fermented Ingredients in Skincare Products

Did you know that the process of fermentation makes ingredients more potent? The enzymes secreted in the process means that your money actually goes further when you purchase skincare products that contain fermented ingredients. With more powerful ingredients, you can expect it to have a stronger effect on your skin. Another benefit of fermented ingredients is that they are more easily absorbed by your skin. As the ingredients are broken down into smaller molecules during the process, this increases their bioavailability.

In addition, the presence of fermented ingredients can work as a natural preservative in skincare. Some products of fermentation, such as lactic acid and vinegar, are created in a low pH environment. This helps to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which results in a serum or cream going off. However, we suggest that you always check the expiration date and follow the recommended use by date.

Are Fermented Ingredients Suitable for Use on  Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you may have struggled to find skincare products that do not irritate your skin. The good news is that fermented ingredients are suitable for use on sensitive skin and comes with lots of benefits besides. This is due to their non-inflammatory properties having a soothing effect on skin.

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