Modernizing Age-Old Beauty Secrets

107 secrets modernizing aged-old beauty secrets

Nearly everything in this modern age has a link to the past. The smartphone is a modernized version of the rotary telephone, and it a modernized form of Morse code. As a society, we are always updating and improving on the past. The same kind of advancement is at work in the beauty realm. We've come a long way from arsinic soaps that claimed to keep skin blemish-free as well as radioactive skincare like radium beauty creams that guaranteed a glowing complexion. Now, thankfully, we have scientifically backed and researched formulations for skincare and cosmetics. Also, with modern innovations, we can conduct further research into age-old beauty secrets. Famous women in history and generationally passed down beauty traditions can now be explored and innovated to fit our modern lifestyles.

107 secrets modernizing aged-old beauty secrets

Always Innovating

Age-old beauty secrets have and continue to inspire modern beauty practices. At 107, we built our philosophy on the traditional wellness and beauty customs and ideologies passed down from generation to generation, modernizing them to full potential in our current and future products. We aspire to not remain stagnant in only current formulations, but we see innovation as a constant pursuit. It goes hand in hand with the values and knowledge of Hanega's artisans' as we strive to create something unique and substantial.

The secret and traditional method of making and fermenting Hanega vinegar has been passed down and preserved for multiple generations. This age old-beauty secret that had given the artisans beautiful and clear skin was the catalyst for creating a vinegar centered holistic beauty brand. We honor this artisanal heritage of our core ingredient by incorporating it into a skincare line made for all skin types that embraces a holistic wellness lifestyle. With continuous research, we find more effective ways to formulate our core ingredient into our skincare products.

107 secrets modernizing aged-old beauty secrets

Wisdom for Today

Along with our vinegar as our core ingredient, we apply wisdom of self-care passed down from the artisans to address modern-day issues that we face every day. We strongly believe the condition of our skin is closely tied to our overall wellness. With their tried and true method and our modern-day research and findings, we can confidently share how and why these pearls of wisdom work for our overall well-being. Wellness recipes for our body and mind are essential in helping us connect our heritage to our everyday lives.

At 107, we have the best of both worlds. A wealth of generational knowledge and the modern innovations of the 21st century allows us to keep innovating and exploring possibilities in skincare and wellness. We will always be connected and inspired by our traditions as we continue to create meaningful skincare discoveries.