HANEGA 10-YEAR Black Vinegar Ginseng Extract


An inner wellness product that is made with HANEGA’s 10-year fermented black vinegar and 6-year grown red ginseng. The 10-year fermented black vinegar contains ten naturally occurring amino acids including seven essential amino acids and ginsenosides which are beneficial for your inner wellness.

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Size: 10g (25 kcal) x 7 Packets / 1 Box

Probiotic Powered

Sustainably Sourced Vinegar

Recyclable Packaging




Why You'll Love It

This extract was made with great care with precious ingredients. It contains 11% of HANEGA’s black vinegar fermented for 10 years and 10% of Korean-grown 6-year-old red ginseng concentrate.
HANEGA BLACK vinegar is a nearly black, mahogany color, which is a result of the differentiated process used to ferment and age this vinegar. Because vinegar is like a living microbiome, it becomes more delicate the longer it ferments and ages, which is what makes this vinegar so exceptional. From start to finish, it is tended to and cared for by hand, every day, for ten years.


    All our aged vinegars are abundantly rich in amino acids, minerals, organic acids and vitamins. All vinegars contain 3 different types of rice, pine needles, nuruk and ginkgo as the ultimate anti-oxidant beverage. A daily dose of our aged vinegar helps aid in digestion and promotes a healthier gut.