Stress-Free Skincare For All Skin Types & Skin Tones

While #shelfies are a beautiful thing to look at, it’s unrealistic to apply every single product on your face at one time. During these difficult times, our lives are already overwhelming with work, family and other environmental situations. Stressing about what skincare products to use in our routine should be the last worrying item on our list. Also, the various opinions and amount of information on skincare and the number of different products on the market can add to the confusion about what your skin really needs. At 107, we are here to clear the confusion and make sure that taking care of your skin is a stress-free and enjoyable self-care ritual. You only need to cover these three steps to happier and healthy-looking skin.

Cleanse, Rinse, and Repeat

107 secret stress-free skincare for all skin types & skin tones

Like brushing our teeth, washing your face daily is a habit not to be skipped. No matter what skin type or tone, cleansing is essential in keeping skin clean of irritants and environmental stressors. When picking out a cleanser, there are so many types out there. We suggest a non-stripping low pH cleanser. Our CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser rinses off clean without a filmy texture and provides mild exfoliation from the suspended green tea leaves. This type of cleanser is perfect to use every day and helps to wash off daily impurities without disrupting the skin barrier.


Hydrate + Moisturize + Protect 

107 secret stress-free skincare for all skin types & skin tones

Our body is made up of about 70% water, and our skin is the largest and outermost organ of our body. It is easily compromised of its hydration level from interior and exterior stressors. Some may say drinking more water helps with various skin problems, but our skin needs more than that. Using skincare products that only hydrates (only adding water) to the skin is not enough. The trick is to keep the water from evaporating by moisturizing the skin with humectants and occlusives. This step is very important in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. Moisturizing every day can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful to the skin and cause common skin conditions like acne.

When picking out products, look for basic ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These humectants and emollients are great for hydrating and attracting moisture to the skin and keeping it there. Occlusive ingredients like squalane and sunflower seed oil can be found in facial oils. Contrary to popular belief that oils can cause breakouts and are bad for your skin is untrue and completely the opposite. Non-fragrant facial oils help nourish, hydrate, and moisturize skin, and not to mention it feels amazing on your skin! Our EVERYDAY PLUMP Hydro Cream is formulated with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, squalane, and sunflower seed oil. Along with our 7 year-aged vinegar, it also contains fermented ingredients like moroheiya leaf, soy milk, pomegranate, ginseng. It is a very well-balanced moisturizer that can be used by all skin types every day of the week.


Sun Care is Self-care

The top skin aging and the damaging source is the sun. No matter how much you love it, daily exposure will increase the amount of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and skin dehydration. You could try to avoid the sun at all costs, but even when it’s cloudy outside or you are indoors, your skin is exposed to UVA rays. This is why the last step to stress-free skincare is sun care. By using a sunscreen every day, you are delaying signs of aging and protecting the health of your skin.

Apart from these three steps, it is your choice to indulge in other skincare products like using serum or a sheet mask. Serums are great for targeting specific skincare concerns, and some also work as a skin moisturizer. Once you have the essentials in your routine like a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, you can easily start incorporating specific products for your skin needs.