Is It Possible To Overwash Your Face?

Beautiful woman washing her face

Cleansing your skin is necessary to get rid of all the dirt and oil built up on your face as you get on with the day. Skipping this step might lead to breakouts and oil build up which will deteriorate your skin condition. However, too much of anything good might become a problem. Surprisingly, it is indeed possible to overwash your face and the problems caused might just be as damaging as not washing your face enough.

How often should we wash our Face?

The minimum number of times to wash your face is actually once a day. It is recommended to wash your face in the evening so that the dirt, oil and grime or makeup that stays on your skin from throughout the day are removed. It is still debated whether there is a need to cleanse your face too in the morning since there is nothing to remove from throughout your sleep such as sunscreen. However, it is also important to consider the irritants and pollutants your skin faces during sleep, such as build up on your pillowcase and bedsheets. Mostly, cleansing  your skin in the morning is a personal preference.

Side Effects of Washing your Face Too Much

Washing your face is supposed to give you a refreshing and comfortable feeling. However, when you start to feel like your skin feels dry and ‘tight’, that is when you have overwashed it. Other side effects of overwashing your face includes dry and reddish patches or sensitivity. Overwashing your face might not just refer to the number of times you wash you face in a day, it might also refer to the cleanser you are using. A cleanser that is too harsh for your skin would cause drying of the skin and extra oil build up due to overcompensation from the skin. By overwashing your skin, you are unnecessarily removing all the natural oils your skin needs to stay healthy and balanced. This results in a compromised acid mantle which will leave your skin to be dry, lacking hydration and easily irritated.

What to do if you Find Out you have Overwashed your Face

If you suspect you might have overwashed your face, it is time for you to give your skin time to heal. Switching to a low pH cleanser that contains barrier-repairing ingredients like ceramides can help to heal your damaged moisture barrier. Always remember to follow up with a moisturizer and avoid harsh products or over exfoliating.

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