Under the guidance of Okran, Hanega’s consummate artisans dedicate themselves to their craft, and they take pride in the uncompromising care and love they devote to making their long-aged fermented vinegar.  They use only the highest quality natural ingredients that are either grown on their farm or sourced from specific regions in Korea, including 20 different oriental herbs known for their health benefits as well as local natural bedrock water found only on Gangwha Island.  Hanega’s artisans also adhere strictly to traditional methods to produce their vinegar: they use specific earthenware urns handmade in Oegosan, a region in Korea famous for its pottery; they clean and stir the urns daily for up to ten years, always in a specific pattern and using stirring rods made from a specific type of wood; and they brew their vinegar only once per year over three days during the hottest seasonal period of every summer.  It is this dedication to tradition and craft at Hanega that shapes our commitment to authenticity and efficacy at 107.