There are currently less than a handful of skincare products being sold today that use vinegar – all these products use only standard vinegar, and most are simple cleansers and toners.  107 is the only skincare brand in the world that uses long-aged fermented vinegar. Incorporating this incredible ingredient into functional skincare products like serums or creams is not an easy task, especially when trying to harvest its natural benefits while purging its distinctive scent.  At 107, we have not only formulated a range of skincare products that purify and utilize long-aged fermented vinegar (and smell great!), we have also harnessed the power of Hanega’s vinegar in particular, by synthesizing it with proven and exceptional ingredients that increase the potency of its microbiome.  All of 107’s skincare products use fermented vinegar from Hanega that has been aged for at least seven years, making them the longest cultivated skincare products in the market today. We strive to create formulations that are gentle yet effective, by avoiding ingredients that are known to be hazardous and integrating ones that are synergistic with Hanega’s vinegar.  While we have worked hard on the science behind our products, we also believe that harnessing the power of nature for inner and outer wellness requires time, focus and a passion for the ingredients used. We love using Hanega’s vinegar in our products, and we hope you will love it too.