EVERYDAY PLUMP’s playfully light yet richly moisturizing formulation is charged with vitamins, amino acids and probiotics. Made with our special 7-year aged vinegar, sunflower seed oil, squalane, moroheiya leaf ferment and three types of lactobacillus ferments, it helps provide daily nourishment while also protecting skin from water loss and external stressors. Its smooth and silky texture glides on the skin for a glowy moisture barrier that also primes the skin for sunscreen and makeup, without feeling like its weighing down your skin or clogging your pores. For moisturized plump on the inside, and nourished glow on the outside!

Based on an independent clinical study of 31 women, 21-63 years of age:

  • 100% demonstrated an increase in skin hydration over 12 hours, with an average 66% increase in skin hydration.
  • 100% demonstrated an improvement in skin barrier function repair over 24 hours, with an average 76% improvement in skin barrier function repair.

Based on an independent consumer study of 54 women, 20-55 years of age (after four weeks of daily use):

  • 100% agreed it applies evenly on skin.
  • 98% agreed it instantly soothes and hydrates skin.
  • 96% agreed skin feels moisturized.
  • 96% agreed it leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • 94% agreed skin feels nourished and replenished.
  • 93% agreed the texture feels luxurious.