CHAGA JELLY’s gentle jelly texture and skin-friendly 4.0-5.0 pH helps create a refreshed, clean canvas without unnecessarily irritating the skin’s outer layer or stripping natural oils that keep skin hydrated. Formulated with our special 7-year aged vinegar, chaga mushroom extract and ten different botanical extracts (including German chamomile flower, paper mulberry root, apple, Japanese camellia leaf and green tea leaf), it helps soothe skin and boost glow while it cleanses. The speckles of green tea leaf powder found in the jelly also help to provide a soft and mild exfoliation when massaged onto the skin. Wash away the bad and keep in the good with this non-stripping cleanser!

Based on an independent consumer study of 54 women, 20-55 years of age (after four weeks of daily use):

  • 100% agreed it removes sebum and oily skin residue.
  • 100% agreed it is a gentle formula that rinses clean.
  • 98% agreed skin feels refreshed.
  • 98% agreed skin feels soothed and soft.
  • 96% agreed skin feels soft and bright.
  • 94% agreed it properly cleanses while leaving skin hydrated.