HANEGA’s vinegars are all natural and handmade using only the highest quality peak-harvested ingredients, according to secret recipes derived from traditional Asian medicine remedies. These secrets have been passed down for 36 generations within HANEGA’s family of dedicated artisans. HANEGA’s vinegars are brewed then fermented and aged for up to 30 years, all by hand, using proprietary methods developed and perfected over many centuries. This multi-year fermentation and aging process produces a potent mixture of probiotics and postbiotics; the longer the vinegar ferments and ages, the higher the concentration of such probiotics and postbiotics. The knowledge, care, and most importantly, time invested to make these vinegars is why they’re so special, and why we’re so passionate about them.

HANEGA BLACK’s name comes from its nearly black, mahogany color, which is a result of the differentiated process used to ferment and age this vinegar in particular. Because vinegar is a living microbiome, it becomes more delicate the longer it ferments and ages, which is what makes this vinegar so exceptional. From start to finish, it is tended to and cared for by hand, every day, for ten years.

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