Our ARONIA VINEGAR Low Molecular Collagen is an easy and tasty way to get your daily dose of beauty from within. More than 90% of the dermis layer of the skin consists of collagen, which plays a vital role in determining how supple, firm and elastic our skin is.

To help promote your inner beauty, our collagen jelly is formulated with our handcrafted aged aronia vinegar, absorbable low-molecular collagen, phytoestrogen-rich pomegranate, and nine carefully selected skin-beneficial ingredients including hyaluronic acid, elastin, amino acids, vitamin C, A, D, E, Biotin and broccoli! Each 20g stick contains 4,000mg of low molecular collagen, 2,000mg of 3 years aged aronia vinegar and 2,400mg pomegranate concentrate. The slim and portable stick packaging allows you to always keep it on hand. Unlike collagen powders, no water is necessary, and you can enjoy your daily dose of collagen quickly and easily.