1-7 foundation


One seven

107 Foundation is a non-profit organization established by 107 to identify, evaluate and fund charitable programs focused on improving children’s wellness and welfare. 107 will donate a portion of net profits every year to 107 Foundation to help advance its mission. In the future, 107 Foundation will present select philanthropies to 107’s community and will run a voting process for the community to select the philanthropy to which 107 Foundation will make its annual donation. A recurring choice for the annual donations will be United Help for International Children (UHIC), a non-profit organization focused on helping children who face starvation, disease and natural disasters in developing countries. Founded in 2004 by Seyong Shin (107’s Co-Founder), UHIC (www.uhicen.org) is a charitable NGO that is near and dear to our hearts – it was at one of UHIC’s volunteer events where our two Co-Founders first met.


107’s mission to help children aligns with both our purpose (to help promote the holistic wellness of others) and our philosophy (to respect the past by embracing the future). We are excited about this initiative, and we look forward to engaging with our community to further this endeavor. We hope you will join us on this journey.