Low pH Life: Why I Love 107 CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser

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By: Jude Chao @fiddysnails

When I was younger, I picked facial cleanser the same way I picked hand soap and body wash. I just looked for the cheapest options and then picked one that smelled nice and said something appealing on the package. I figured they were all about the same. As long as it gets my face clean, it’s fine, I thought.

This is why I didn’t have very nice skin.

Many of us don’t realize it, but cleansing is one of the most important products in any skincare routine. Even if it gets your face clean, a cleanser that’s too harsh or otherwise unsuitable for your skin can damage your skin, leading to dullness, dryness, and increased sensitivity and breakouts. On the other hand, a well-formulated cleanser that works for your skin will get your face sparkling clean while leaving it soft, smooth, and resilient.

The Search for a Low pH Cleanser was on

When I find a cleanser I love, I stick with it through bottle after bottle. One of the cleansers I love is the 107 CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser.

The first thing I look for when evaluating a cleanser is its pH. The pH value of a water-based product indicates its relative acidity (low pH) or alkalinity (high pH). In facial cleansers, we want a low pH. This is because our acid mantle, the outermost layer of skin and its primary defense against moisture loss and external irritation and infection, is itself acidic.

The pH of the acid mantle generally ranges from about 4.5 to 6. Cleansers at a higher pH than the acid mantle disrupt its healthy function. Weakened, the acid mantle loses the naturally occurring lipids that hold it together. This leaves skin more prone to dehydration and irritation. Cleansers at a mildly acidic pH, on the other hand, preserve the integrity of the acid mantle.

As you can probably guess by the name and the fact that I love it, 107 CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser is indeed low pH. I’ve tested several tubes myself, and the pH always comes out between 5 and 5.5, which I consider ideal.

pH isn’t the only thing that matters, of course. Otherwise, we could all just choose any low pH cleanser and be happy. In addition to pH, I also look at how well the cleanser cleans my skin, how it feels, how it smells, and what ingredients it contains. Cleansing is a very basic step in skincare, but I prefer it to be enjoyable, functional, and promote outer wellness.

A Smooth Face Cleansing Gel by 107

The first time I used the CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser, I didn’t think I would like it very much. I usually gravitate towards cleansers that produce a lot of foam, while CHAGA JELLY is a low foam, gel-type cleanser. As soon as I put it on my face, however, I changed my mind.

changa jelly

Straight out of the tube, the CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser has a fun jelly texture with flecks of green tea suspended throughout the product and a fresh green scent with a hint of citrus. It feels incredibly smooth and slippery on my face, gliding around easily as I massage it in—the slick skin-feel is one of my favorite things about this cleanser. It gives an element of fun that compensates for the lack of foam. The slippery consistency also prevents irritation caused by too much rubbing and pulling on the skin.

It also cleanses perfectly for me, rinsing away easily to leave my skin feeling clean and soft. I shared a tube with a friend, who told me that even though he didn’t apply moisturizer for quite a while after cleansing, his face didn’t feel stripped at all.

Additionally, the soft green tea bits provide some extremely gentle exfoliation. I’d say this cleanser’s exfoliation is similar to a soft konjac sponge. It sweeps away loose visible dead skin flakes without overly scrubbing the skin.

changa jelly 2

As for ingredients, while I generally don’t give too much priority to any “special” ingredients in a cleanser—it rinses off right away, after all—I do like the extracts in the CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser. Its blend of mulberry, apple, green tea, and mushroom extracts may provide some extra calming and brightening effects with long-term use. This cleanser also contains 107’s star ingredient, Hanega aged vinegar, which provides a variety of skin-strengthening amino acids and other beneficial compounds thanks to the years-long traditional brewing process.

I have finished at least 3 tubes of this cleanser so far, and with several more gifted from Chloe waiting in my closet, I have plenty more to use and love. The bottom line is that I’ve continued finishing tubes of this product and opening new ones without getting bored or looking for a different cleanser. For someone who has constant access to a huge variety of products, that’s a big deal.

How to use 107 CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser

The cleansing technique is simple but very important. In the evening, it’s best to double cleanse if you’ve worn sunscreen and/or makeup during the day. To double cleanse, first use an oil-based cleansing oil or balm to break up and lift off the day’s cosmetic products (or just use a swipe of cleansing water on a cotton pad if your sunscreen or makeup are light). After removing makeup, squeeze a small amount of CHAGA JELLY into your palm. Rub your hands together to distribute the product, then massage thoroughly with a gentle touch into the skin. Rinse thoroughly.

In the morning, there’s no need for double cleansing, but I do prefer to cleanse anyway to create the cleanest canvas for my morning moisturizer and sunscreen. Simply wet your face, then wash with the CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser as usual.

In an overly saturated skincare market, full of copycats and unoriginal white label products, 107 produces original and innovative formulas well worth the attention. If you’ve been looking for a new cleanser, I strongly recommend the CHAGA JELLY Low pH Cleanser. Although there’s no universal product that works for everyone, I’ve heard enough great feedback about this cleanser in the skincare community to feel confident suggesting it for just about anyone in the market for face wash. There’s nothing else like it!

Personal Note: A thank you to Chloe and 107

I first met Chloe, and Hanega Vinegar CEO Seyong, all the way back in 2017, at a private dinner. Seyong cooked an unforgettably delicious meal for the group, using Hanega vinegar in each dish, and Chloe introduced 107 products to us all. Chloe and I have gotten to be friends since then, and I’m so happy to know her. Her sweet and generous heart make her a truly amazing person. I’m so happy to see her making products I love, and so proud to support her brand. I appreciate her hard work and the hard work of everyone in the 107 team.


Jude Chao is a beauty and wellness writer with a deep love for Korean skincare. Find her on Instagram @fiddysnails or on her blog, Fifty Shades of Snail.