The 3 Common Types Of Moisturizers: What Are They?

Are you having difficulty deciding what types of moisturizers suit your unique skin type and needs? Or are you wondering what type of moisturizer will keep your skin’s glow so that you can achieve the dewy look your favorite celebrity has? If that sounds familiar, welcome aboard! We hope that through this informative article that we have curated specially for you, you’ll feel even more confident than before with our secret tips and a quick read on what’s the best moisturizers for you! Don’t worry if you’re a beginner in choosing moisturizers or starting your skincare routine, we got you covered with this bite-sized read.

The 3 Common Types Of

Importance of Moisturizers

Moisturizers come along with the essential kit that every skin care guru would have and would advise everyone else to have. This includes toner, essence, and serums to keep your skin fully hydrated and radiant! But more than that, moisturizers ensure that every layer of your skin is healed and that pores that are damaged are regenerated and renewed. We know the importance of moisturizers—but what types of moisturizers are there? Let’s find out.

Humectant Based Moisturizers

Humectants, the second type of moisturizer, are used as gel types that employ the method of binding water solution to the skin. In doing so, water is able to stick well to the surface wall of your skin. It draws and binds water to skin cells so that your skin is kept hydrated and fresh. These types of moisturizers are extremely effective as it absorbs rapidly which gives a lightweight consistency when being applied to the skin. As a result, they are good for people with oily skin. You can look for humectant gels that have components such as aloe vera, honey, or even the ever-popular hyaluronic acid.

Emollient Based Moisturizers

Emollients work by using the combination of lipids and oils to regenerate all the cracks on the skin and strengthen your skin’s barrier. This results in smoother skin and a healthier skin barrier.  This is a creamy and light lotion that is suitable for normal, dry, and other combination types. If you think this is good for you, look for those with grape seed oils, ceramides, shea butter, and lanolin.

Occlusive Based Moisturizers

Occlusive dominant moisturizers are also known as moisture sealers. As such, they are the preferred choice for those with mature, dehydrated, and dry skin. They are much thicker in consistency and helps to block the evaporation of water. You will usually find them in the form of balms of thick creams. When shopping for these moisturizers, look for products that contain shea butter, mineral oil, lanolin, beeswax, and olive Oil.

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