Did Cleopatra Really Use Vinegar For Skin Care?

 Did you know that Cleopatra – known for her flawless skin – used a sour-smelling tonic called apple cider vinegar to clean her skin? The stories of using vinegar for skin care date back to ancient times, and one of the most intriguing stories comes from the one and only Cleopatra. She is known throughout history for her intellect, charisma and beauty rituals. One of the many stories about her charming wit was her banquet with Marc Anthony and her famous pearl cocktail.

An Introduction to the Banquet of Cleopatra

Cleopatra BanquetThe Banquet of Cleopatra by Jacob Jordaens, 1653.

The story involves Cleopatra, a carafe of vinegar, and a very large and costly pearl earring. To win a bet against Marc Anthony that she could eat the most extravagant meal in one sitting, she did only what a queen of her standing would do. She crushed her pearl earring, which was said to be the biggest of its kind in all history, and dropped the powdery substance in a glass of vinegar. Once dissolved, she drank it! It was clear she had won the bet. Many historians have regarded this story as fiction because it would be impossible for a large pearl to dissolve so quickly. Nevertheless, it's an entertaining story about the use of vinegar by a queen.

Cleopatra Used Vinegar to Clean Her Skin

That was not the only time Cleopatra supposedly used vinegar. She was known to have used apple cider vinegar as a facial cleanser and to achieve a clear and glowing complexion. Though this may also just be a fictionalized story, this is more believable than the pearl cocktail story since acetic and alpha hydroxy acids (typically found in vinegar) can help as a natural antiseptic and exfoliant. Modern-day celebrities have also followed Cleopatra’s beauty regimen. As has been shared on social/published media, Scarlet Johansson and Jungkook (the musician from BTS) have also used vinegar to exfoliate the skin, unplug blocked pores, absorb excess oil and more. Jungkook even said that using vinegar helped clear up his acne!

Facial Cleansers with Vinegar Are More Popular Than Ever

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